A R C H I T E C T U R E + D E S I G N

makerspace + biotech lab

Sitting on the edge of urban growth boundary, the landscape of the site creates a potential to connect the suburban and industrial zones of west Eugene in social and economic manners. The architecture will reappropriate the unused wetland to reinvigorate the habitat and serve as a step in the hydrological process by mitigating the damaging byproducts of lumber mills and other factories in the vicinity.

Biotech laboratories serve to examine the potential of biological, chemical, and physical materials, but often lack a continuous momentum to utilize found potentials in physical products. The labs, paired with “maker spaces,” allow for advancement and proliferation of young designers and the manifestations of their innovative ideas.

This project will be utilizing the labs and maker spaces as catalysts in economic and social systems. Through the linear process of science-based research to the manufacturing of physical products to be ultimately disseminated into public use.